“You Had the best reviews. That’s why I called you.”
—Asking For Reviews

Clients that are family are your best source for reviews. Focus on the 20% of clients that give you 80% of your referrals. You want to work more with those type of clients anyways.

Top Tip: Frame your ask.  They are helping their old self. They are time traveling 6 months before they walked into your doors to deliver a message.

Best review sites in 2016:

1) Google 2) Yelp 3) Facebook

If the client already has a Gmail account ALWAYS ask for a Google reviews first. (SEO Friendly)  Ask if they already have a Gmail account. If not I’ve asked if they would set one up. (explain it’s a better email too) Don’t be shy you did a great job and you’re here on this rock to help others.


My Super Awesome Easy Extra Tip is at the bottom so don’t miss it.


80% of your referrals come from 20% of your clients.

Do 99% of the work for them.

— The Email Structure


You will not be able to control what and how much they write for a review.  You can put guidelines and move it along tips. Short, sweet, and vulnerable are the best. Give the exact details of how you’d like to see the review.

Best review structure: What was your pain, What did I cost you, Why were you frustrated, What did you like, Would you recommend this to someone going through a similar experience?

Do 99% of the work for them. Get all the links ready, add screen shots, and say it’s only a few minutes.

Check your laws about revews and if needed sign online disclosures. Have one ready when the client is your office or if you’re oniline send the email while you are talking to them about it. Ask if they recieved the email and can send it back now.

We’ve come a long way with since our first meeting.

I really appreciate when you told me I was a big help.


We both know many others struggling with infertility issues. So would you mind writing an online review?

Helps the couples feeling lost and nearly hopeless like you said.


I only need 7 mins of your time doesn’t even have to be detailed. Use this structure:


What you came info for:

What you tried before.

1-2 Frustrations you had.

What you liked about what we did

If you’d recommend this to a similar person.


You can keep it short and sweet. Don’t over think it.

The best source for reviews is Google.

(You know how everyone Googles everyone.)


This is how you do it:

Sign into your “Gmail”

Google “Acupuncture Naperville”

Click on maps or the maps result

Then add your review there.


Totally appreciate it,


PS. I attached some screen shots if you needed it

—The Bad Ones.

If you get some less than ideal reviews. Do damage control and respond like a normal human would. Non-combative and non-passive aggressive. Take the high road try to solve the problem while maintaining you’re the boss. A few less than 5-star reviews is good. Everyone knows if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

I also had a complete BS 1-star review removed from Yelp. I knew this was a troll reviewer because I never saw the guy. I contacted Yelp saying I never met this guy in my clinic and he’s even describing my location wrong. Never hurts to ask.

Super Awesome Easy Extra Tip: Format For Your Email Signature. This can help seal the deal when communicating to a potential new client.

Link to a Survey Monkey Feedback Questionnaire means you actually care. Link to a media feature about who I help. Link to write a review on Yelp or a page explaining how and why to write a Google Review since it’s more complex. Finally, links to my other websites or projects.

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