I Want You To Stream Better (No Spam)
-I know You Have Something Awesome To Share.

You want to attention to share your awesome ideas, solutions, and products. It’s no secret that videos and streaming are a great platform for engagement.

“They say Facebook priorities video.”

First, who are they? Second, That’s not a license to spam with pointless videos.

Consider video as a way put a spot light on you and something you value. Quality matters. Would you rather watch something entertaining and informative? Or public access TV?

“A smidge of planning goes a long way in video production.”
— Scripting & Setting Marks

Scripting or bullet pointing topics keeps engagement and saves everyone time. Having a tough time remembering lines? Try doing just regular videos that you can cut together. You’ll develop your own flow of reading the more you do it.

Is your video a one-way conversation that’s just providing info? If so record it and upload it as a normal video. Live streams are great for Q&A or interview style.

Hey, you saw my video why I got a Shiba Inu. Check the video out for the common questions I get. Like is he a fox? On Monday at 3:30 pm. I’ll be doing a live Q&A Session on what to expect with a Shiba Inu.”

Pro Tip: Setting Custom Audiences

Hit the right people with your live streams/ videos to gauge interest in topics. Rather than have your family members or friends that could skew your results. They might show up however, may not care about dogs and ask silly questions. (or troll like my friends do.)

—Sound Good & Be You

Telling a good story is always better than visuals.  *cough Star Wars cough* We need to hear you or there is no message at all. If you have your phones ear buds try those or buy a mic that will work. Watch out for wind noise, loud traffic, and crying babies you’ll be good with audio.

Get comfy with just being you on camera. Set up some lighting and just go.

People buy personality.

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