Crypto Price Checker

I created this web app to check the prices of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.
When a user first visits the page displays the top 10 coins and the price and 24 hour % change. News about cryptocurrencies videos is also on display. Searching for a specific coin/token like Ripple (XRP) the relevant data and videos display.

This app is using two APIs one from Coin Market Cap and YouTube. Pulling both data points allows a user to get the current prices and any new YouTube videos about news (or hype) around that coin.


Accountability App

My idea to create an accountability app. A combination of task manager and time tracker. This app allows you to sign up to create a private task list. The user will be able to commit a certain number of hours to a task.

For example, I would like to commit to 5 hours to working out for the week and 2 hours to code today.
I can track to see how close I get to those time goals.

User Email:
User Password: Password1

Repair Buddy

A friendly way to track your repairs.
Have you ever torn apart a car and wonder how did this go?
Maybe you took a picture but you had to delete it because pictures of the dog are more important.
Repair buddy stores and tags your images so reassemble is cake. Get your car, motorcycle, or computer back to normal. Without the extra bolts.

I will be remaking this app using AWS to store the images and also React Native to make this app mobile friendly.

User Email:
User Password: test123